Laundry For Hotels, Guest Houses & Apart Hotels

Laundry For Hotels, Guest Houses & Apart Hotels

Per Set

We provide a wide range of laundry services that will leave your hotel, guest house or aparthotel linen fresh, clean and smelling like summer. Your clothes will be in safe hands as our skilled and experienced team gets to work on even the toughest stains. Whatever your requirement, we will do our best to find the right service to suit your laundry needs.

We offer laundry services for all linen types and colours. We do the full service, including washing, drying and ironing. We re-wash items with stubborn stains, but if, even at a different temperature, the stains still persist we will give this back to you and either you can continue to use this or we can get rid of it and purchase a new set for you. Your linen will be laundered separately from anyone else’s to avoid getting mixed up.

  • Our laundry includes pickup and delivery too if order is £20 or more. 
  • Otherwise delivery (pickup and drop-off) is charged at £4. 
  • Frequent business with us will qualify for £0 delivery fee regardless of order price.

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